_heavenlyrinoa (_heavenlyrinoa) wrote in warrior_souls8,

Wow I just made the crappiest update that I've ever made in my life on the IC journal, but hey, it gets things moving right?

Well now for updates. In case some of our people haven't been paying attention(I know I've been really slow too) We are now meeting up with the White SeeD ship(that needs a name cuz everyone is sick and tired of calling it "The White SeeD Ship" so any ideas there would be greatly appreciated)so everyone get to the IC community k?

In other news, as you all know, the Fujin player was deleted and a new addtion to the application was made. Its basically the same only now a bit more in depth to see if the applicants really know thier character and if they are truly going to bring something to the community. It also has a section that requires that you fill out contact information, the minimum being you're main journal outside of Warrior Souls. If anyone is uncomfortable giving out thier info please say so.

Well that's it for today, be sure to check your friend's lists for any future updates.

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